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Empowerment through speech technology

We provide state-of-the-art customized speech technology solutions through our Ameya cloud platform or on-prem installations.
Our Story

We started by as a project at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with the goal of providing an open-source speech recognition framework available for Danish. Now we focus on helping companies succeed with their speech recognition projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help build and maintain a sustainable, effective and universal speech recognition foundation to foster equal access to innovative speech recogniton products. That is why we open-source our state-of-the-art speech recognition models.




What is ameya?

Ameya is our cloud based speech recognition platform which consists of multiple modules that can be specialized to your company's needs. We help you design the perfect speech recognition pipeline for your use-case and specialize Ameya modules to maximize performance and gained value.  

Continously updated

Ameya modules are continuously updated whenever new customers are onboarded. This means that you will gradually recieve an increase in performance for your pipeline without paying extra.  


Meet The Team

Martin Carsten Nielsen

Co-Founder and CEO

Primarily responsible for all daily operations, with special focus on project management, deliveries and managing relationships. Martin Provides a bridge between the technical and the commercial solutions.

Rasmus Arpe Fogh Egebæk

Co-Founder and CTO

Rasmus’ experience within the area of IT for the public sector and his strong development skills ensures that development and research
results are practically transferred to high quality software in a scalable and efficient way.

Kasper Schjødt-Hansen

Lead AI Engineer

Kasper has a background within IT consulting and has previously done a lot of work within the data engineering field. He is a full-time AI developer and is currently focused on specialized anonymization modules.

Advisory Board

Lars Kai Hansen

Co-Founder and Academic Advisor

Renowned in the world of AI,
Lars ensures  a high academic standard. Lars helps ensure the precision and validity of the research
related results.

Rasmus Stig Jensen

Co-Founder and Executive Advisor

Rasmus' experience as a
Co-Founder and CEO of an
AI based medtech start-up,
strengthens our business

Merete Skov Pedersen

Executive Advisor

Merete’s background as a
sales and strategy executive
helps us navigate strategic
position within both sales
and business. 

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Need help realizing your speech recognition project?

Shoot Martin an email  at and we will schedule a meeting to get things started!

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