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Voice-based AI that listens in, transcribes, documents and analyzes customer interactions.

Empowering financial advisors with speech technology

Let our voice-based AI listen in, transcribe, document, and analyze your interactions - so you don’t have to.

Meet Ameya



Ameya is the artificial intelligence at the heart of our operations. She’s here to make your life easier by helping you document interactions in real time. With her impressive natural language processing abilities, Ameya effortlessly transcribes and analyzes conversations on the spot, capturing all the important details. Say goodbye to tedious note-taking and welcome to more elaborate and fulfilling conversations.



Once deployed Ameya continuously learns from the interactions she partakes in, adapting to each organization over time, thus when it comes to performance she is second to none. 


Ameya deos not depend on any external software components. Meaning that data which flows in is exclusively processed by accessible, and auditable models that are fully owned and controlled by Alvenir.



Regardless of infrastructure Ameya is ready to help out. She deploys on-prem, in the cloud (both private and public) or on dedicated hardware, further ensuring that data in transit remains as safe as possible.

At Alvenir, we are passionate about using technology to enhance the way we live and work. Our team is made up of experienced developers and speech recognition experts who are dedicated to creating solutions that make life easier for businesses and individuals alike.

Need help realizing your speech recognition project?

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