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Voice-based AI that listens in, transcribes, documents and analyzes customer interactions.

The AI platform that give financial advisors superpowers

Improve team productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn, all in one advisory intelligence platform.

Meet Ameya



Ameya is our intelligent assistant.


She's ready to help you unlock and leverage your most important dataset - your customer conversations.

Ameya is built on customer interactions, powered by the industry's leading AI solutions, and tailored to help your advisor team do more with less.



Ever had to search through the intranet to answer a query from a customer? Or have to look up a policy to to make sure you got it right?

No more; with live assistance you have instant access to automated real time knowledge.


Give your advisor team access to your customer journeys by letting Ameya provide proactive data-driven guidance and tailored coaching;

Ensuring that your customers remain happy and you stay ahead of churn.



Free up your advisors to do what they do best, be human in conversations with your customers. 

By letting Ameya; document conversations word for word, note down action points and write up summaries.

Ready to give your advisor team superpowers?

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